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Malambo fussion

Argentinian dance company

Estampas Portens produccion by Carolina Soler


Of great virility and dexterity, starting from its essence and roots,to take it beyond its limits, with a modern, avant-garde and transgressive look, merging it with other dance styles, like Flamenco Break dance, Salsa, Mambo, Pop, Tango and urban and folk percussion.

1- Malambo fussión breakdance, Dramatic steps, a father and his daughter, evicted from their home, experience living in the street, accepted or not by the gang.That first night sleeping on the street. will be decisive.


 2-  Zapateo folk, Fusión flamenco y tango.

the party has begun,the seduction and love, conquest, betrayal, disappointment, passion come in the way in hand
3- Malambo the mystic the mystery, the competition and the conquest

A dynamic blend of precision footwork, rhythmic stomping, zapateo, the fast-paced footwork inspired by the rhythm of galloping horses. In addition to Zapateo, Malambo features the drumming of traditional Argentine bombos and whirling boleadoras.


4-Malambo fusi√≥n, Mambo, Break dance Salsa Cale√Īa the jazz

The kitchen, the restaurant the waiters and the guests, everything is a great game and a great fun dance.