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Life, Tango and love


The sweet Margot, in love with an unrequited love, neither more nor less than the most womanizing of  world, Juan.

She is in her bedroom, with a deep sadness. She is to prepare her suitcase, decides to leave town to not see him anymore.

Later, friends and gauchos organize a farewell dance in one of the squares of the city. Ball game, girls, jump the rope, and other friends make a dance contest for men’s feet.

There is Juan, the lover of all the girls, flirting with all in the city and, of course, also looking to seduce Margot.

To Margot, the anguishes her, in addition to having to get away from her hometown. But think that in this way, your beloved John, would be forgotten.

In the town square, her friends finish the preparations for the farewell party.

Up Margot with her gentle dragging feet that dream to the beat, surround her singing and stomping, although her gaze is always on her love, Juan, dancing to the rhythm of the two by four paying tribute to her. Among requiebros, zapateos, malambo boleadoras twists and songs all are saying goodbye to her, even Juan.

Margot, always looks at Juan, but he is always falling in love with another person, she looks at him and smiles disguising the anguish of the imminent goodbye.

The farewell party is ending, Margot finds a handkerchief that Juan lost, and she gives to Juan with a kiss,

Juan drinking and in a painful state of drunkenness, dreams of Margot. realizes that he is hopelessly in love with her.

Sees in your head the image of her, seduces her and makes love to her. But that feeling vanishes, when the dream becomes a nightmare.

He sees that Margot, seduce other men and she despises him, he suffers. That whirlwind of feelings awakens him and opens his eyes confused. He feels jealous and was wrapped in a whirlwind of passion, melancholy and frustrated, running after her.

Margot takes the train, and Juan almost does not arrive but is the last passenger

Arriving at the station, of the city, Margot goes to the conventillo, Some wait for her, criollo friends and orilleros, who receive it and prepare a welcome dance. Juan is in the same tenement and goes down to the party. He looks for her without luck, he takes her out to dance, he flirts but the gaucha Margot, playfully hysterique him.

The evening ends, a friend at the dance invites her to take a walk, Margot accepts, but he betrays her, the man takes her away, almost crawling and sells her to the cabaret Maribu, this cabaret, is in a suburb of the city. In there attend bacanes, compadritos and provincianos was a place where they learned and lived tango, loves, disappointment and glamor.

Disappointed of the desperate and tearful life, she finds herself helpless in the midst of a seductive dance between men and prostitutes.

On the other hand, disappointed Juan goes to the cabaret to forget his grief, but on the way he meets Malevo and Margot, they start a knife fight, where Juan rescues her. they look at each other with an accomplice’s love and he take her and togheter go back to the conventillo.

On the way they meet some friends in love. Looking at each other they embrace each other, it was a night where there was magic in the environment, that’s why Margot and Juan, decide to return to their town. The friends of the conventillo prepared a farewell party on soft bars of habanera. They had brought them remembrances of their hometown, sigh happy knowing that they could not be separated anymore.